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The company make tours in several cities promising the opportunity to land a job with their clients such as (Calvin Klein, Target, etc.).They ask you to come to a preaudition in which they tell you at the end that you must have a portfolio in order to be considered for their remaining final audition.

The fee $150 for each shot in their photoshoot session. The pictures are just ok, not that professional! They give you a T-shirt, bag and a book to go home.

When you come for the final audition, this is a total joke!A scam!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Mankato, Minnesota, United States #825660

I strongly disagree I was head intern for a summer 2 years ago and we did our *** best to make sure everyone has the best experience we can give them I had 10 hour shifts Mon- Sat and I worked my *** off in heels. We worked to give you hope for a career. You're welcome.


So ppl been posting for a couple of years now has anyone said they have booked any jobs yet from the casting board yet, is the ?U should b asking we all how it starts off every saying the same thing but how many ppl actually have booked jobs from the casting board yet ,?

That should tell u because someone from the past year should have been back here and comment on how secrssful it was so we would no by now right.....


Northern California.

Malden, Massachusetts, United States #792378

i went recently to a audition in my mall and yes they ask you to pay 150 dollars but guess what the fact is that getting the 150 out of the spot the opportunity and the experience in the auditions are speech less and another think audition america is asking for money but there is other talent program that do not ask for money but they take you away from your family for a long time with the dream that you can be a star and you invest in clouth and everything that you have to use to go there and be a star like they make you think then after a few they just send you back home with a broken heart and a lost dream. This is not about money this is about how you sell yourself thinked has a job interview if you dont pass the interview guess again you dont have the job

Reseda, California, United States #720117

A few weeks ago Me and the family ssaw a kiosk at the mall and sign our daughter up and us oo for the *** of it right so I get a call yesterday and they give us the appt so Just went to one today at the NORTHRIDGE MALL IN CALIFORNIA...same thing,,walk the catwalk with my 16month...said they loved her for print, convinced me about how I was in a competition and how I needed to secure my "SPOT" by paying in total or payments to the tune of $297.00, these gentlemen "MATT" and "JOE" basically convinced me using "emotional" selling tactics using my daughter and using the usual skill of theatrics..amyways..had that gut feeling paying 50 bucks to start which they explain later is NON REFUNDABLE..so now I'm having second thoughts..?..I paid with Credit Card so I think I could have the charge reversed..

San Bernardino, California, United States #688189

Audition America is full of ***. Please don't be a victim of scam. Open your eyes, don't make them rich.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #685002

Please all of you parents please go to www.bizparentz.com..they have very useful info about how to get into the business, and about scams..this is one of the scams..this site is free the admins are parents of show biz kids themselves...

Orlando, Florida, United States #670754

Its not a scam at all.You pay for portfolio pictures that do come in handy later if you win the contract (which I have won) and you pay 50$ to enter the contest.

After you win, you pay 150 for basically 150 business cards that are needed for auditions.

They are talent scouts, not an agency.So when you win the contract, you are offered jobs exclusively for contest winners and such but you still have to audition for each job.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #667057

funny how people are scammed everyday with the hope their kid will get a modeling job.If you won something, you should be paying anything.

This company makes their money from you by paying for a portfolio.Reading the comments on here proves their is a sucker born every minute.

Orlando, Florida, United States #655271

I entered my very adorable 2 year old who has a Mohawk an after the audition they said yes to they good looking an the fun to watch the fat short or not fun to watch they did say no so This is just a TALENT SCOUT not an agency so remember that after you make your portfolio you can go where ever you want


What is 100 for photo shoot that u can keep n another 150 for 150 casting cards with ur angency logo on them for u to access the casting board where u have access to land a job it will b worth it for one year. N think u just have to take the time to book auditions n unless u do that u don't no that its a scam. Everyone talking negative has not went threw the whole process yet try it what do u have to loose really!!!!!!

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